China Hot selling MTH MTB Series high power reductor with Hot selling

Gear units are a completely new design.Outsanding innovations are:
· More sizes with a reduced variety of parts;
· Higher operational reliabilty combined with increased power capacity;
· Flanged output shafts to facilitate assembly of gear units in confined spaces(on request).
Mounting position
· gear units can be supplied for either horizontal or vertical installation.
· O仇er arrangements are also possible on request.
· Motor bell housings, Torque supports are part of our standard productrange.
Noise behaviour
· New concepts were applied to clearly improve the noise emission of the gear units
· Designing noise-absorbing housings
· Achieving exceptionally large contact ratios.
Thermal conduction
gear units not only have a high efficiency but also a favourable them诅I conduction
· Through enlarged housing surface areas;
· because large fans incorporating a new type of air conduction fan cowl are being used.
· The selection of gear units is based on a lower maximum oil temperature. By that, the operational reliability will be increased and the cost of maintenance reduced due to longer oil change intervals.
gear units have been designed according to a new unit construction principle.